March Events and Music Festivals Happening in Miami

Spring Break is going down this month! You’ve had plenty of time to make travel plans with friends or family and it’s almost time to party. For those of you traveling down here to Miami, there are so many epic events and music festivals happening that you can’t miss.

Not sure what to do while you’re on vacation? There will be plenty to do in Florida and around Miami. If you’re into Sports, then the prestigious Miami Open tennis tournament is happening from March 19th to April 1st. If you’re more into food and delicious cuisine, then the Deering Seafood Festival is right up your alley.

Probably the most exciting thing that is happening this month in Miami is Ultra Music Festival. Happening on March 23-25, Ultra is the world’s premier electronic music festival and it’s all going down during Miami Music Week.

Worried about transportation to the festival? Book a shuttle and we will chauffeur you and your friends to the event. Before your trip, you can also reserve a shuttle from the airport to your hotel to make it an easy transition when you get off the plane.

Call us today to get your transportation plans scheduled and get ready for Spring Break in Miami! (305) 807-0270.

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